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Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.

Why I'm lucky to be a parent of a child with ADHD I can use many parenting skills on a daily basis. Skills such as patience, negotiating, calming, patience, deep breathing, organising, cleaning, patience, humility, compassion, problem solving, detective skills... Continue Reading →


You want to know one of the most amazing things about being a parent? When other people love and enjoy your kids as much as you do. A dear family friend was holidaying with us up at Shoal Bay, along... Continue Reading →

Summer holidays

Four little boys enjoying the Australian summertime. Summer holidays are always special. I love spending time with my family and helping to make memories we will talk about in the years to come. Holidaying with children can be tough. Routines... Continue Reading →


So I've been thinking a lot lately. Our little red brick house has become too small for the six humans and one dog that now inhabit it. I have been looking at real estate up on the Central Coast and... Continue Reading →


Is there someone you would like to say this to?!!! Beauty really does come from within. You can be good looking from an objective point of view, but unless a person has inner beauty, then their outer beauty fades. In... Continue Reading →


Mr H was impressed and a bit weirded out that the piano he is learning on is the very same piano that I started on at the same age! I told him that my Nanny Donald bought it for me... Continue Reading →

Be human

"I've learned people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did. They will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou.   This rings true on so many levels. Make people feel the way you want... Continue Reading →


When I was pregnant with my boys, I craved birth stories. I watched birth shows on tv, read other people's birth recounts. It was like a drug to me!  So if you're a bit weird like me, here are four... Continue Reading →

The village

I had the most amazing day today. My cousin and her partner and sweet little baby are visiting from Switzerland.  All our extended family met up at a local park and we spent hours chatting and hanging out. It was... Continue Reading →

Alone time ruined

Do you ever get time to yourself? Like without any children or friends or partners?  I did today. It was lovely. Took myself to the movies.  But then when the movie was over and I was at the shops running... Continue Reading →


This is healthy. This is developing a zest for life again. This is real. Red faced, puffed, exhausted. But happy!  Social media can portray women exercising with a face full of make-up, brand name workout gear and not a drop... Continue Reading →


It's finally returning! After close to a year of inactivity, depression, anxiety, super low self esteem and eating my emotions, I'm finally gaining control.  I'm in charge of this life I've been given. No one else. Nobody has the right... Continue Reading →

My life

Very personal post ahead.  There's an Ed Sheeran song that is getting to me at the moment. It's called "Save Myself". And there are two lines that really touch me on a very personal level.  Firstly: 'Human beings are destined... Continue Reading →

Finding courageĀ 

So I'm a bit slow to come to the party but tonight I watched Moana for the first time.  Seriously, apart from the Lion King, this is the best children's movie. Ever.  Perhaps because I relate to Moana. The ocean... Continue Reading →

Social media

Social media is a bit of a weird thing. It enables us to peek into the window of the lives of others.  But we can only see what they allow us to see.  Some people use social media to boost... Continue Reading →

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