Hello 1am

Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


Friend. What does this term mean to you? I'm watching the series '13 Reasons Why' and the idea of friendship is really put to the rest.  What is a friend? What makes a friend? How does a friendship work?  Is... Continue Reading →

A touch of the black dog

I have an invisible shadow following me. It's in the shape of a dog. A black dog.  No one can see it. Sometimes it stands guard at my front door not allowing me out. These days I stay home.  Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Blessed to be a mum

I recently stumbled across a news article slamming mum blogs for painting a picture of motherhood as torture.  Sleepless nights. No social life. Messy house. Greasy hair. Cheese on toast every night for dinner.  It said that the new generation... Continue Reading →

Parenting differences

Since becoming a parent eight years ago I've seen many different parenting styles. From one end of the spectrum to the other.  There's no rule book on parenting. There's no right or wrong. What works for you may not work... Continue Reading →

Here is what you can’t see. 

Emotional post ahead... To the parent with judgement in their eyes watching my son behaving 'badly' at the birthday party. To the shop keeper giving me a look as if to say 'control your child'. To the people who call my... Continue Reading →


This thought happened two days ago but I'm only getting around to writing about it now. I've been so busy I've hardly had time to wipe my own arse. (Too busy swiping everyone else's!) So I was walking up to... Continue Reading →

Creative frustration

I wonder how often creative people have moments where they feel like they could burst with the need to create.  I'm having a moment where there are so many words inside all battling to escape. But there are so many... Continue Reading →

You’re not the only one

Some of the best advice I've been given so far in my parenting journey is "you're not the only one".  It can be tough sometimes being a mum. We can be isolated either by distance or language or time of... Continue Reading →

To the mother of boys 

How lucky am I? I've been blessed with the ability to conceive a child, carry it to term and birth it safely.  And not just once. Or twice. Or three times. But four times. My body has created life four... Continue Reading →

Time away

I am currently sitting on a lounge. Reading a book. Looking out the window at trees blowing in the breeze. At 10:35am on a Wednesday.  No one is asking what they can eat. No one is crying because Peppa pig... Continue Reading →

My second birth 

My second birth ~ A Successful VBAC!!! ~ 3rd march 2011 11:54pm 6lb11oz/3.04kg   I had been having pre labour pains for about three weeks prior to his birth, which meant that when labour actually started I was not all... Continue Reading →

Open your ears

Today I learned a lesson.  I'd just picked up my three year old from preschool. On the way home we had dropped flowers and chocolate to a friend who is ill and picked something up from someone's house.  My mind... Continue Reading →

Make the most of it

The other night I lay in bed thinking as I was drifting off to sleep. I was thinking back to my childhood to a time when I felt safe in my bedroom, all tucked in. No pressures, no responsibilities.  ... Continue Reading →

Party time

Today it was our second born son's sixth birthday party. We aren't the type to hire an entertainer. Money we don't need to spend.  The party went for two hours. We had it in a hall adjacent to a park.... Continue Reading →


A friend recently asked me what I knew about the risks of a VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarian). She was teetering on the edge of her second birth and is hoping for a vbac.  My first birth was an emergency... Continue Reading →

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