Hello 1am

Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


So I was chatting with a friend from high school today. We are catching up next week after probably close to 17 years!! I can't wait!  Anyway the concept of 'normal' came up. As in trying to be normal.  And... Continue Reading →


This morning I cried. Over goddamn marshmallows.  You know when sometimes the tiniest little thing pushes you over the edge? Well today it was bloody pink and white marshmallows! The day began far too early, as it usually does. On... Continue Reading →

My baby

His little hand will only get bigger. These baby years are ever so fleeting and I am soaking up those chubby little thighs and soft sweet cheeks and toothless grins. Because before I know it he will be walking and... Continue Reading →

Life as a child with ADHD. (From a parent’s perspective)

Please don't get frustrated with me. I didn't mean to lose my socks again.  Please don't get angry with me. I know I push your buttons and push the boundaries but I never want to push you away.  Please don't... Continue Reading →

Bad back

So this is the face of an unattractive sleep deprived mother of four with a very dodgy back. I've had a flare up since #squirt was in hospital. Possibly a combination of sitting in crappy hospital chairs holding bubs, plus... Continue Reading →


First moments. Something that can never ever be redone. Replaced. Recreated. What a strange thought?  When my first Bub was born I distinctly remember looking at his soft little feet and thinking "these tiny feet have never been walked upon".... Continue Reading →


So here is a little update on my Black Dog story.  I was feeling quite down for about a week. Writing about these sort of things helps me. As does talking, laughing and generally trying to be an idiot!  I... Continue Reading →


Friend. What does this term mean to you? I'm watching the series '13 Reasons Why' and the idea of friendship is really put to the rest.  What is a friend? What makes a friend? How does a friendship work?  Is... Continue Reading →

A touch of the black dog

I have an invisible shadow following me. It's in the shape of a dog. A black dog.  No one can see it. Sometimes it stands guard at my front door not allowing me out. These days I stay home.  Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Blessed to be a mum

I recently stumbled across a news article slamming mum blogs for painting a picture of motherhood as torture.  Sleepless nights. No social life. Messy house. Greasy hair. Cheese on toast every night for dinner.  It said that the new generation... Continue Reading →

Parenting differences

Since becoming a parent eight years ago I've seen many different parenting styles. From one end of the spectrum to the other.  There's no rule book on parenting. There's no right or wrong. What works for you may not work... Continue Reading →

Here is what you can’t see. 

Emotional post ahead... To the parent with judgement in their eyes watching my son behaving 'badly' at the birthday party. To the shop keeper giving me a look as if to say 'control your child'. To the people who call my... Continue Reading →


This thought happened two days ago but I'm only getting around to writing about it now. I've been so busy I've hardly had time to wipe my own arse. (Too busy swiping everyone else's!) So I was walking up to... Continue Reading →

Creative frustration

I wonder how often creative people have moments where they feel like they could burst with the need to create.  I'm having a moment where there are so many words inside all battling to escape. But there are so many... Continue Reading →

You’re not the only one

Some of the best advice I've been given so far in my parenting journey is "you're not the only one".  It can be tough sometimes being a mum. We can be isolated either by distance or language or time of... Continue Reading →

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