Too many emotions.

Do you ever have the feeling like your emotions are so huge they can’t all fit inside your body? Like your body wasn’t made big enough to hold everything in?

It’s an awful feeling. Anger. Despair. Loneliness. Fear. Right now there’s not much room for happiness. Which is not fun.

I need to get rid of these negative emotions but in a healthy way. I know I can’t sweep them under the rug and hope for the best. I know I can’t pretend they aren’t there.

Because if I do they will rear their ugly heads at a most inopportune time. The best way is to feel them, as unpleasant and uncomfortable as it is.

I read something recently about the ‘Train Analogy’ relating to feelings.

It was actually based around children and helping them learn to build resilience.

For us as parents (and teachers) we need to allow our children to feel those big feelings and for once not fix it and make it better.

It’s our job to be there for our children when they are feeling big emotions and to gently guide them through.

Not tell them to stop crying. Not give them whatever it is they want just to shut them up.

Sit there with them. On the floor. Hold them. Or not. Some kids don’t like to be held when they are like this. But be present. Guide them through the tears and tantrums and still be there for the almighty hug at the end.

The analogy goes like this.

Imagine the difficult and not nice feelings are tunnels and we are the train. We need to travel through the tunnel to be able to make it out the other side to the light.

You can’t stop halfway through the tunnel and pretend it isn’t happening.

As adults we all do this during hard times. We drink wine, exercise excessively, play computer games, anything to distract.

But the only thing that will get us through the tunnel is to accept it.

Cry. Cry rivers of tears (pretty sure I could have filled Warragamba dam by now), scream, yell, punch things.

Feel those emotions right to the end of that emotional tunnel. It’s the only way to get you out the other side.

And once you’re out and back in the daylight, hopefully you’ll start to feel just a little bit better.

You made it through that tunnel.

Yes, maybe you live in those metaphorical Italian hills where there are thousands of train tunnels.

However there is a way through.

You can always move!!