Calling all ADHD parents. Have you ever had anyone say things like this to you?

Or things like “ADHD is just an excuse for bad behaviour”, “ADHD isn’t real”, “you’re taking the easy way out by giving meds”.

Thankfully thus far I haven’t had anyone say words like these directly to my face. Maybe I have awesome resting bitch face?!

Because if they tried to say words like those, I would be giving them an education.

Clearly they don’t understand what ADHD is and how important medication can be in treating this neurological disorder.

Early intervention and use of medication (when appropriate, it may not work with some kids) has actually proven to be extremely beneficial in lowering drug use when they grow up, along with so many other benefits.

For example in their education, social skills, relationships, and general managing life.

ADHD is not made up. ADHD is not caused by shitty parenting. ADHD kids aren’t inherently bad.

ADHD is a sucky disorder on which the symptoms are displayed through behaviour. And we are judged on our behaviour.

If the symptoms were a rash or a big lump or something I can guarantee the view of ADHD would be totally different.

It can’t be cured through diet changes. It can’t be cured with supplements. Yes these things may help a little bit they won’t fix it.

Medication is the big game changer.

My darling boy said to me only yesterday that he thought he was an idiot. I asked why?

He said an idiot was someone who makes bad decisions. And he said he was an idiot every morning because he makes bad decisions.

My heart broke.

I explained that he definitely wasn’t an idiot. It was just that his brain wasn’t getting the messages through properly and his medicine helps with that. Bless him. He’s such a deep and critical thinker.

What ignorant comments have been said to you?