The older I get the more I’m becoming in tune with energies around me. I’ll turn away from negative energies, remove them as much as possible from my life and purposefully surround myself with positive peeps.

One of my dearest friends is my darling Gemma. We met way back in 1989 when I moved to Dural from Wahroonga.

Mum enrolled me at Kenthurst School of Dancing. Gemma’s mum, Ms Dawson, was one of my teachers, along with the gorgeous Mrs Hurd.

I started ballet when I was two and a half years old and I simply loved it.

Gemma, along with my other ballet girls (who I am still strong friends with!) Cara, Signe, Sarah, Iona and Allison, danced together for years.

We did exams, end of year concerts, eisteddfods. We even danced at the Opera House on my 14th birthday. That was very special.

Sorry, I digress. As we grow up, life gets busy, people change. What I love though is that those childhood friends have remained. And they are beautiful people.

Gemma came round for dinner the other night and we talked for three hours solid. If it wasn’t so late she would have stayed longer.

She has such an amazing view of the world. Positive, grounded, mature well beyond her years. Her mum is the same. She was always like a second mother to me. One of those extremely special people who I feel very blessed to know.

It is always so nice to spend my hours in the company of sunshine. Literally and figuratively.

We only get one shot at this weird thing we call life. Why should we waste it trying to be someone we aren’t? Or trying to impress others? Or sitting in the darkness, minutes ticking by that we can’t get back.

Gem radiates sunshine. Such a beautiful soul. Love you lady!!!