My day usually begins a little like this….

Woken somewhere between five and six am. I have to be immediately on my game because I can’t give my son his ADHD medication until 7am.

This means that there is absolutely no impulse control. Which means anything could transpire should I decide to stay in bed for an extra ten minutes of rest.

Usually it’s battles between Mr 7 and Mr Almost 5. Which ALWAYS ends in Mr 5 crying and screaming and whinging and crying.

I need to play referee/peacekeeper from the very second I wake up. Which can be hard when my back is hurting and I just want to be asleep!

Some days, when they wake super early, I wonder how I’ll make it to 7am.

I turn into the worst version of a mother. Far too much yelling. Far too much frustration. Not enough empathy.

It is simply amazing how much of a positive effect the medication makes.

For my son and the flow on effect on the whole family.

Some nights I go to bed dreading the morning I may wake up to. The older he gets, the more I’m seeing how much of a hold the ADHD has on our boy.

It’s not fair really. I know we don’t choose these things and we must play the hand we are dealt.

But when he comes up to me (post meds) and says things like “mummy I know you didn’t ask me to say this but I’m sorry for my behaviour this morning”, my heart cries.

He knows right from wrong. He knows what he is supposed to be doing. But the messages in his brain get all messed up and it doesn’t fire the way it’s supposed to.

And I know he feels bad for it. I know he can be the kindest boy in this house.

This morning was amazing though. Mr 5 and Mr 2 woke first after 6am. They came out to the lounge room and put the tv on. Mr 5 even shut my bedroom door. (I was still listening out for them!)

They were so quiet I started to get worried. I came out but they were just quietly sitting watch tv.

Mr 7 didn’t come out until 7am. Completely unheard of! I had to give him his tablets and breakfast at the same time so he could fill his tummy before the meds kicked in and he lost his appetite.

Such a balancing act.

Needless to say that I am a nice human this morning. Mindfully choosing to be calm. I did this yesterday afternoon and it worked a treat.

Anyway, who knows what tomorrow will bring. It’s a bit of a lottery!