This is the third and final post on my triathlon.

And this one will be about the amazing women who completed the course with me.

We said that we would all start each leg together. We would travel at our own pace but start each leg together and cross the finish line together.

I thought this was awesome. Except when I was the last one by a whole lap to finish the bike leg. I told the others to start the run as I was so far behind. I felt bad holding them back.

But when I came to the end of my third lap on the bike, I saw the other six ladies waiting for me and cheering their gorgeous little heads off!

Man, what a super bunch of girls.

But it gets better. Half of us were about 500m from finishing the run, which was the final leg.

As we came round the bend we saw the super speedy ones running back to us so they could run to the end with us.

They actually doubled back and ran further than they had to just to help their team mates along.

I was dumbfounded. (In my head I was. I couldn’t actually talk!)

How amazing!

We are so lucky that we have found each other. So lucky to be members of the best gym in town. And so lucky that everyone is so nice and kind and supportive and just fucking awesome!!!

Thank you ladies. The camaraderie and spirit you guys showed today was heartwarming.