This post follows on the back of my previous post about the triathlon.

My two oldest boys came along today. At first they didn’t really want to. My oldest wanted to stay in bed!

But I dragged them along, with my mum as well. The inner child of mine wanted to have people who were there just for me. And I’m very glad I did. For two reasons.

Firstly, selfishly I loved having my two sons and my mum cheering me on and giving me the motivation to keep swimming and cycling and running.

The boys ran alongside me with smiles on their faces. They were saying amazing words of encouragement such as “go mum, you can do it!”, “keep going!” and “you’re the best mum!”

Secondly, and much more importantly, I’m glad the boys came because they saw their mum do something amazing.

They saw their mum do something positive in exercising, pushing herself and completing something she started.

They saw how proud their mum was of herself, and also how happy she was that they were there to support her.

And to top it off, they begged me to sign them up for next time! They want to complete the kids triathlon!

Winning on all fronts I say.