Twelve months ago my body was broken. I was very overweight, the arches in my feet had collapsed after having four babies, my back was shot and my mind was a mess.

I could barely walk. I remember thinking that there was no way I could contemplate going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show as my feet hurt so much I would need a wheelchair or something. Incredibly depressing for a 35 year old woman of four energetic young boys.

Fast forward twelve short months. I got my shit together. I decided I needed to put myself first as the current me could not properly look after my own children.

I had to prioritise my issues. I went to see a podiatrist. Well two actually. I was given pads to wear under my feet and I had to buy really expensive, ugly joggers. I also got orthotics.

Finally I had no pain in my feet. I could exercise again!

So that was the next step. Get my overflowing butt into gear. A very good friend of mine, Lia, raved about a new gym she had started at.

At first I resisted as I’ve never been a gym person. Ballet yes. But never the gym.

She said nine words though that changed my mind. She said: “I just want you to feel how I feel.”

That got me. I wanted to feel amazing too!

So I contacted Erin from the gym and began my journey.

At the first solo session I almost died and also had a mini panic attack. It scared the shit out of me. What the hell was going on?? Was I so far gone that a few push-ups sent me over the mental edge?

But I stuck with it. And eventually I enjoyed it. And then I started to look forward to going. And now I rely and depend on my training sessions to keep my mental health happy.

Who would have thought?

Anyway one of the members suggested we do a triathlon. What?? Me capable of doing a triathlon? Bullshit. Not Katey.

But I bit the bullet and signed myself up. Holy hell. What did I just do?

April 22 rolled around and today was the day. I successfully completed my first ever triathlon. 200m swim, 6km bike ride and 2km run.

The swim part was ok. The bike part surprised me as I was the slowest of the bunch by far! One of my friends even lapped me!

But the run was the hardest. My head started pounding. And I got a massive stitch but I didn’t want to stop running. It was like someone was stabbing my side with every breath I took. I walked for a little bit to get my breath back.

But the reason I kept going was my amazing trainer right behind me. Literally. She kept motivating and motivating and before I knew it all seven of us were crossing the finishing line together.

We had done it. As a team. I had completed my first triathlon and proud isn’t a strong enough word.

If I can do it then anyone can. All it takes is a change in your mindset, supportive people around you and hard work. Sweat and tears. Quite a few tears shed at the gym by me actually.

But I finish each session and feel amazing.

Can’t believe I made it. Such a different person to the Katey of twelve months ago….