Ok. So I had a major AH-HA moment this week.

You know how those annoying healthy people say that if they don’t exercise they start to feel angry/sad/frustrated?

Well well well. Believe it or not, this week, it happened. I became one of those annoying healthy people who is addicted to exercise.

It had been six days since I was last able to get to my training sessions.

I noticed that I was feeling flat, angry, internally incredibly frustrated and the Black Dog was starting to circle.

At first I wondered why I was feeling so shit. Then I realised it was because I hadn’t been to the gym for too long.

My mind and my body now crave and depend upon my going to the gym to feel good. To feel calm. To feel happy.

I have never really fully experienced how much of an effect exercise has on my mental health.

So I decided the kids would skip swimming lessons so mumma could go to the gym.

Old Katey would have just continued feeling like a depressed lump and eaten bad food to try to feel better.

New Katey put herself, her physical and most importantly her mental health first. Yes, even ahead of the children.

If I’m not at my peak performance then how can I be a decent parent??

I walked out of the gym feeling physically exhausted but mentally filled and energised. (Even though I was beyond tired from sleep deprivation!)

I was reminded of how I used to feel after my ballet classes during my childhood. I would start the class feeling drained and flat, yet walk out energised and happy.

Who would have thought?? Katey being addicted to the gym?!!