A friend shared this photo on Facebook and it really got me thinking.

About six months ago I hit my health rock bottom. I was tired. So tired. All the time. Often so tired that looking at the washing up that needed doing made my body hurt.

I had nothing left.

I also have a back injury. Desiccated, degenerated disc with the added bonus of arthritis.

I was helping the husband chop down a tree. The tree went one way against the rope I was holding. My back bore the brunt of the weight of the tree.

I was in so much pain lying in bed that I had had enough. I was crying to my husband saying I wanted to end it. That I could understand people in chronic pain ending their lives.

It was the wake up call I needed. I had four children who need their mummy fit and healthy. Not six feet under.

I went to the doctor who fixed the stomach infection I didn’t know I had. I also joined a gym. Best bloody thing I’ve ever done.

Six months later I feel like the butterfly emerging after a long time hiding in my overweight cocoon. I am feeling strong and healthy and happy.

There is so much joy and happiness out there for all of us to enjoy. It is such an exciting feeling.

I sometimes have brief moments of negativity when the pain takes hold (I cried at the gym the other day because of it!).

However, on the whole I am feeling so amazing. I want everyone to feel the way I feel. And I know this feeling will only get better the stronger and fitter I become.

This may sound like one of those annoying ‘healthy’ people banging on about fitness crap.

It’s not that. I’m a regular chick who loves tea and chocolate as well as doing squats and weights! (Erin, I don’t love lunges yet!)

Hello everyone. The butterfly is emerging!!!!