I just had the most overwhelming feeling of happiness and gratitude and thankfulness.

Here I am. Sitting in my house. My house that doesn’t leak, that is warm in winter and cool in summer. My house that is a home filled with five other people. And one dog.

My four children are all safely tucked up in their beds, sleeping soundly. Safe, happy, healthy, loved.

My house is in a very safe and family friendly suburb on the north shore of Sydney. We can walk the children to school. How lucky!

I’m in a happy marriage and I have a handful of fabulous friends and pretty cool family!

We have clothes to wear and food to eat. We have hot water running through the taps and electricity.

Life is filled with so many fun things and fun people.

Sorry dudes, this was just Kooky Katey having a weird ‘aha’ moment of happiness!!!