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Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


March 2018


A friend shared this photo on Facebook and it really got me thinking. About six months ago I hit my health rock bottom. I was tired. So tired. All the time. Often so tired that looking at the washing up... Continue Reading →

An open letter…

An open letter to my daughter, who was never conceived. I often wonder about you. I always thought I would be your mummy and we would have the most beautiful bond. My own mother said that having a daughter is... Continue Reading →

Body image

I've been contemplating posting this photo but after what happened this week I decided that now is the time. A few weeks ago I was getting ready for my littlest to get to swimming lessons. I still go in the... Continue Reading →

Think of them first

So lately I've been in a few situations where people in my life are going through a tough time, or a very busy time or a stressful time. And their behaviour has changed. It is very easy to immediately think... Continue Reading →

Happy moment

I just had the most overwhelming feeling of happiness and gratitude and thankfulness. Here I am. Sitting in my house. My house that doesn't leak, that is warm in winter and cool in summer. My house that is a home... Continue Reading →

Start the conversation

I have recently joined a Facebook support group for women who suffered Birth Trauma. I am amazed at how many horrific stories are out there yet people feel scared/ashamed/unwilling to talk. Birth trauma is real. It needs to be spoken... Continue Reading →

A wee bit of advice

To new mums and mums to be.... I would like to impart some of the wisdom I have acquired over the past nine years of my parenting journey. Your baby will not come with an instruction manual. You can read... Continue Reading →

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