It’s been a while but I had another public crying session. A combination of sleep dep, stress related to a few different things, living with a person with additional needs, a teething toddler and monthly hormones.

This morning they broke me. Waking at 5am, ADHD and defiance ravaging my son, teething my other son and a week or so of unusually high stress left me depleted.

So I was at the gym trying my hardest to ignore the bellowing toddler and focus on my weighted lunges. The screaming was particularly ear piercing so I bribed him with food. Which he proceeded to drop all over the floor.

That was the final straw. And the tears flowed. Thankfully I was surrounded by amazing women who helped me get my shit together so I could get to the car.

Moral of the story is that we all have a breaking point. Most people don’t share these vulnerable moments but I feel it’s important so others know they’re not alone. They’re not weak.

We are all human and sometimes it’s all a bit too much. And that’s ok. It’s perfectly ok actually!!

What wouldn’t be ok would be to bottle everything right up until it explodes in a very bad way.

A massive thank you to Lia, Juliette and Erin for your support. And of course hubby.

Tomorrow is another day. And there’s nothing a beautiful bunch of flowers, a cup of tea and a cuddle can’t fix.