You want to know one of the most amazing things about being a parent?

When other people love and enjoy your kids as much as you do.

A dear family friend was holidaying with us up at Shoal Bay, along with the rest of my extended family. (None of whom have kids!)

We went for a walk up a mountain and the kids came along. As usual I was internally stressing that the kids were bothering others by being, well, kids!

Arguing, walking slowly, being noisy. You know, the usual kid stuff.

But as we were walking down the mountain my friend told me how much he enjoyed having the kids there.

He said that they brought a certain energy to the day and he just loved it. He said “I can’t keep the smile off my face!”

Well, that simply melted my heart and made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

All my stress went away and the happiness and gratitude I felt toward him was huge!

Children are a blessing. Children are miracles. Ask anyone travelling the horrid IVF journey.

We are extremely lucky to have our four boys. And I had temporarily forgotten that in an attempt to make sure they weren’t bothering others.

For someone who is not blood related to feel such joy around my mini humans was so incredible!!

Thanks Walt! Love ya xx