So I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

Our little red brick house has become too small for the six humans and one dog that now inhabit it.

I have been looking at real estate up on the Central Coast and it’s so tempting. We could get a beautiful house with a pool and still probably lower our mortgage.

But then my train of thought led me to thinking that we have engrained our lives here. We are part of the school, our work, swimming lessons, piano lessons, my gym, doctors, paediatrician, mothers groups and the rest. Not to mention family and dear friends.

I have built up my tribe here. I love so many people who influence my life. Yet I know others who have moved simply build a new tribe. It’s not rocket science!

I guess change is the issue. Fear of change, fear of the unknown. Fear of moving away from one life and starting another.

But then I could look at this a different way and decide it would be an adventure. A new start. An exciting thing that could add so many more amazing people to my tribe!

Moving out of our comfort zone and trying something new. Who knows, there may be enough money leftover for a baby grand piano and a little boat!!!

You know, it will probably never happen. But I like to imagine. I like to dream. I like to look outside of where I am for new amazing possibilities!