Do you ever get time to yourself? Like without any children or friends or partners? 
I did today. It was lovely. Took myself to the movies. 
But then when the movie was over and I was at the shops running errands I became overrun by damn anxiety. 
Out of the blue. Standing there waiting for my Mexican salad bowl in the food court and there it was. 
Heart racing. Breathing rate up. Felt like adrenalin was flooding my body. It’s bollocks!!!
Not sure why it came on. Maybe it’s just one of those things?? 
Well it fucked my day right up. 
Starting to feel good now which is great. 
This is just a little post to say that if you are feeling anxiety or have in the past or will in the future then you’re not alone. 
I’m just a regular woman/mum/friend/daughter/sister/teacher. Kind of awesome when I have to be (😝).
I believe I am a strong, intelligent lady but we all have our weaknesses I suppose. 
Anxiety doesn’t discriminate. As I’ve said before it’s a bit of a bastard. Ruined my serenity!!
I feel like heading down to the beach and diving under the waves to shake this out of me. To feel the power of the ocean run across my back. Make me realign and carry on. 
Anyone know of a decent priced beach shack that I can buy?!!