This is healthy. This is developing a zest for life again. This is real. Red faced, puffed, exhausted. But happy! 

Social media can portray women exercising with a face full of make-up, brand name workout gear and not a drop of sweat to be seen! 

I don’t buy it. Exercise to me means heart rate up so you can’t talk, sweat dripping from places you didn’t even know could sweat, really bad hair but eyes full of life. 
Or maybe I’m just a hideous specimen when I exercise!!! 
Anyway I just wanted to share this photo as I am beginning to like what I see in the mirror. The colour is returning to my eyes. Shape returning to my legs. It’s all starting to change and I’m so happy! 
I need to thank two people. Firstly to my dear pal Lia who introduced me to our beautiful trainer Erin.

 And secondly to Erin for being so positive, upbeat, encouraging and thoughtful. You are whipping my butt into shape and I love it!!