It’s finally returning! After close to a year of inactivity, depression, anxiety, super low self esteem and eating my emotions, I’m finally gaining control. 
I’m in charge of this life I’ve been given. No one else. Nobody has the right or the power to dictate how I live my life. It’s mine. Mine I tell you!!
That switch has finally flicked back to ON, I’ve grown a set and taken the reins. 
Over 15,000 steps today. Yes, I bought a fitness tracker watch thingy and I already love it! 
It’s time for all this extra weight to fuck the fuck off and time for my super hot sexiness to shine through!!! 😂
Discipline. Hard work. Routine. I can do it. You can do it. Anyone can do it. You just need a rock bottom or a super important wake up call. 
I will talk about my wake up call in another post shortly. 
But for now, I am stoked that I’m 10kg lighter than I was at my heaviest, without a human growing inside me! 
I’ve got energy to do what I need to during the day and still go for a 50 min walk at night. 
Night night everyone!!