Very personal post ahead. 

There’s an Ed Sheeran song that is getting to me at the moment. It’s called “Save Myself”. And there are two lines that really touch me on a very personal level. 

Firstly: ‘Human beings are destined to radiate or drain.’

Secondly: “I’ll go back to where I’m rescuing a stranger just because they needed saving”. 

I was hosting a candle party today and I was chatting with the gorgeous Di. She was saying that life is far too short and to do the things you love. And fully embrace it. 

Let me go back 36 years. I am the eldest of four children. Growing up I loved helping my mum look after my three little brothers. She says I would make the lunches for school and other things. I always felt responsible for them, in a big  sister kind of way. Still do I guess. 

When I was 18 my mum became ill and had to be away for a little while.  So then I really had to take over. While my father went to work, I had to make sure there was enough food in the house, cook dinner, laundry and the rest, while I started university and had a part time job. 

This happened on and off for a few years. There was a brief few months where I lived overseas with a dear friend. And then soon enough  I was married and starting my own family. 

And as you all know I now have four children of my own. 

I am a giver. Always have been. It’s in my DNA. (Thanks Mum!! ❤️). I believe it’s a blessing. 

Especially when people are downtrodden and need ‘saving’. I have always looked after everyone else. I have discovered that there are certainly human beings in my life who radiate so bright and they are people who belong in my tribe. 

And then there are those who drain. I have learned that these humans will never give me what I need or want. Instead they will drain the life force from me then walk away. 

It is to the point now that I have neglected myself so much that my health is suffering. 

What I need to do now is ‘Save Myself’. And I have begun the journey, health wise anyway. 

I guess what it all boils down to is that if you don’t look after yourself, or find people who love you unconditionally and want the best for you, then you will eventually fade. 

Your health will fade. Your energy will fade. And then saddest of all, your spirit will fade. You will be a mere shell of the person you are destined to be. 

Life literally is far too short…..

I had tears rolling down my face driving home from the candle party, listening to this song on repeat. 

Love yourselves guys. And look after yourselves.