Social media is a bit of a weird thing. It enables us to peek into the window of the lives of others. 

But we can only see what they allow us to see. 

Some people use social media to boost their ego by name dropping, wearing brand name clothing, posting beautiful, posed photos in locations they think people will think are trendy. 

Others use social media to vent, bitch and use the safety of the barrier of a phone or computer to behave in bastardly ways. 

I’ve noticed a small amount of people use social media as a cry for help. They may be drowning in their life and reach out by posting a cryptic message, or only half the story, in the hope another person will show some humanity and ask questions or offer a shoulder to cry on. 

I like to use social media for a few reasons. Personally, I share my highs and lows and funny shit. I share photos of my growing family for relatives overseas who aren’t here to see us in real life!

And then there is my blog. My reasons for starting this blog are twofold. 

Firstly it was to open my heart and share my nutty thoughts in the hope that I could reach out to others and make them feel as though they’re not the only ones. 

To relate to others on a human, everyday level and make connections. We all struggle. We all have bad days. We all have great moments too. 

Secondly, and more selfishly, its because when I write, I am able to clear my mind. When I have thoughts swirling around my mind they often become distracting and sometimes overwhelming. 

When I write, the thoughts often aren’t as major or scary as I think. Or sometimes they are, but once they’re written down I don’t have to keep thinking about them.  

There are things I probably won’t ever write about here. Namely my marriage and things about my family; as in my parents and brothers. 

There are certain things that should remain private. 

And so I began this blog to share myself as a parent and as a woman. 

Some people are brave enough to share everything. Absolutely everything it would seem. I admire these people. It takes balls to do that. It leaves you vulnerable and opens you up to a lot of criticism. 

I am known as an over-sharer among my friends. Lots of my friends know things about my vagina and my innermost thoughts that maybe they shouldn’t! 

But on this public forum I’m not quite so brave. 

I’m very happy to share stories about pregnancy, depression, parenting a child with ADHD, living life as a mum of four boys. 

I’m happy to share unflattering moments when I’m at my worst. I would share moments when I’m at my best but they don’t seem too often lately! 

But I will keep some of my cards close to my chest. 

I hope you enjoy reading what I write. I feel as though I have so much to give but I don’t have the time to physically help others. So this is the only way to give that I can think of at this stage of my life!