I need to dream. 

For me it’s important to have a dream to work towards. Because without dreams I can start to feel my soul shrivel. I need something to look forward to. I need to hope for something. I need to imagine great things. Because without dreams then what is there? 

I can’t imagine living my life only looking as far as today. I find enrichment in having dreams and working toward them. 

For some people, living in the moment and not planning too far in the future makes them happy. It’s what makes them thrive. 

And I believe it’s also important to make the most of the moment you’re  in and not spend too much time focussing on the future. Because then you’ll miss moments that are important and special. 
However I need to look forward to great things. I know there are great things within me. A book among other things. And I know that one day my dreams will be realised. 

That is an exciting feeling!