Well. Here I am. It’s 1:27am and I can’t sleep. All the males in the house are sleeping soundly and here I am. Wide awake. 


So my mind wanders at this time of night. So much so that I can’t sleep. The thought running through my mind at the moment is… 

Have you ever noticed that people just want to be understood?

Either they want to laugh and feel good, or be understood. How amazing is it when you find that person who just gets you. 

You feel so at home with them that you can say what is in your mind and know that they get it. You know they understand your kind of weird and love you fo r it. 

It may be a partner, it may be a lifelong friend (lucky you!). It may be a new friend you’ve picked up along the way. 

Whoever they are, when you find people who understand your fears, understand your jokes, share the same outlook on life, you can’t let them go. 

To be misunderstood is a horrid feeling. It’s isolating. It’s alienating. 

Let your freak flag fly and attract your tribe. They will be there for the hilarious times and also the heartbreaking times. 

It’s a glorious feeling knowing you’ve got people who understand your soul and love you for who you are.