Happy 1st birthday to Hello 1am!!
It’s been a whole year since I decided to jump into the deep end and begin writing. Publicly. 
It is quite a daunting thing to put my thoughts and emotions down for everyone to read. But I’m glad I have. 
Some people have enjoyed what I’ve written and that makes me feel very humbled and warm. Others haven’t  mentioned my writing. Perhaps they don’t like it or don’t care. And that’s ok too. 
This world is full of different opinions, different experiences, different journeys. This blog is my journey. 
There are things I may never write about which are too personal. Or one day maybe I will?! Who knows. 
But for now, a heartfelt thank you to my friends and family who continue to encourage me to write. 
Writing is in my blood. Always has been. Seven year old Katey wanted to be a writer. One day that dream may come to fruition!!