Hello 1am

Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


August 2017


I need to dream.  For me it's important to have a dream to work towards. Because without dreams I can start to feel my soul shrivel. I need something to look forward to. I need to hope for something. I... Continue Reading →

Too busy?

Here comes another sleep deprived post.  My eyeballs are burning from lack of sleep. My muscles are aching from not enough rest. Yet I'm wondering why I can't do it all? As a young girl and teenager I reckon I... Continue Reading →

Can’t sleep

Well. Here I am. It's 1:27am and I can't sleep. All the males in the house are sleeping soundly and here I am. Wide awake.  Rubbish.  So my mind wanders at this time of night. So much so that I... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday!

Happy 1st birthday to Hello 1am!! It's been a whole year since I decided to jump into the deep end and begin writing. Publicly.  It is quite a daunting thing to put my thoughts and emotions down for everyone to... Continue Reading →

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