Yesterday I had a moment. 
I was rushing around trying to wash up, get the veggies chopped to put in the oven and making sure the crackling was crackly enough on the roast pork as I had friends coming over. 
They are those life long friends who wouldn’t have cared if I served Vegemite sandwiches. But I still wanted it to be perfect. 
I was tired, fighting off a winter cold and dry watery eyes from too much air conditioning. 
And then bubba hurt himself. 
So I stopped in my tracks, knelt down and gave him a mumma hug. I closed my eyes and felt as though I was in a weird bubble. 
As if this moment in time was frozen. Chaos happening all around, yet my baby was safe in my arms being comforted by the person who should protect him and love the most in the whole wide world. 
It just made me stop and realise we all get so worked up and stressed over the little things sometimes. It’s moments like these that are important. 
Making sure our loved ones know we love and care. Whether that’s our children, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, neighbours. Everyone needs to love and be loved. 
Slow down. Give that extra hug and kiss. Send that card in the post. Deliver a meal or a bunch of flowers. Give someone a moment of your precious time. 
When I’m feeling stressed, I’ll try to remember this too….