So I was chatting with a friend from high school today. We are catching up next week after probably close to 17 years!! I can’t wait! 
Anyway the concept of ‘normal’ came up. As in trying to be normal. 
And I said that I spent a while trying to be normal. Quite a few years trying to do and say and wear what I thought I should. 
And it’s exhausting. Trying to constantly train myself to change myself depending on who I was with. 
Best behaviour. Professional behaviour. Polite behaviour. 
And then my ‘normal’. Phew! What a relief it is to be around people I could be myself. I overshare. I burp. I swear. I can be ladylike but often choose not to be. I am open. I am caring. 
I have recently gained the confidence again to love who I am and not feel the need to be a chameleon. 
I can be fun to be around. I can be totally hilarious. I love interacting with strangers. And when I am just being me I don’t have to worry about my present company. 
I can just be. People either love me for who I am (which is not all that normal!!) or they don’t. 
I can’t change people’s minds. And I certainly shouldn’t have to change myself for another person. What’s the point in that? 
So to my friends, I ask you, please don’t be normal!! (I know I don’t need to tell my family that. They’re already loopy!) 
Just be you.