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Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


July 2017

Rock bottom

A few days ago I hit my rock bottom, health wise.  I am aware I'm about 20kg overweight.  I am aware I have no core strength.  I am aware the arches in my feet are collapsing and need attention.  I... Continue Reading →


How do you identify yourself? Is it through a name? A place? A community of people? A colour? In today's society the world is shrinking fast with plane travel and the internet. And so many different cultures are meeting and... Continue Reading →

A moment in time

Yesterday I had a moment.  I was rushing around trying to wash up, get the veggies chopped to put in the oven and making sure the crackling was crackly enough on the roast pork as I had friends coming over. ... Continue Reading →


So I was chatting with a friend from high school today. We are catching up next week after probably close to 17 years!! I can't wait!  Anyway the concept of 'normal' came up. As in trying to be normal.  And... Continue Reading →


This morning I cried. Over goddamn marshmallows.  You know when sometimes the tiniest little thing pushes you over the edge? Well today it was bloody pink and white marshmallows! The day began far too early, as it usually does. On... Continue Reading →

My baby

His little hand will only get bigger. These baby years are ever so fleeting and I am soaking up those chubby little thighs and soft sweet cheeks and toothless grins. Because before I know it he will be walking and... Continue Reading →

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