Please don’t get frustrated with me. I didn’t mean to lose my socks again. 
Please don’t get angry with me. I know I push your buttons and push the boundaries but I never want to push you away. 
Please don’t yell at me. I sometimes can’t help ignoring you. I just want to make you happy even though I know sometimes I don’t. 
Please don’t ignore me. I know I can be a handful but I don’t mean it. It’s not on purpose. 
Please play with me. I know I can be very impulsive and ruin the game but I don’t mean it and I love playing with you. I know I can be too rough but I can’t help it. I don’t realise my own strength yet. 
Please let your children play with me. I love having friends. But sometimes I’m not sure how to ask to play. Or how to play properly. I can’t help it. 
Please don’t ask if I’ve had my tablet when I’m acting up. I know there’s something different about me. I don’t need to be reminded. 
Please love me. I am intelligent and charming and just need a little extra help, patience and guidance with life.