So this is the face of an unattractive sleep deprived mother of four with a very dodgy back. I’ve had a flare up since #squirt was in hospital. Possibly a combination of sitting in crappy hospital chairs holding bubs, plus sleeping in the recliner in his room making sure he doesn’t stop breathing, plus stress and anxiety. My back is my weak spot. And the anxiety knows that. Bastard! So I’ve been to the doc and she’s prescribed a drug that I really hope will work. I don’t have time to be laid up in bed. I have four children and a house to run and a job. When the mum is out of action shit starts to hit the fan. But I’m very lucky that I have people around us who are willing to step in and help. I’m not one to ask for help easily as I feel bad. These are my children and I should be there to care for them. But I know that it takes a village. And vulnerability isn’t my strong point. I’d much rather be the one helping others than accepting help. Anywho, time to rest up and try to heal.