First moments. Something that can never ever be redone. Replaced. Recreated. What a strange thought? 

When my first Bub was born I distinctly remember looking at his soft little feet and thinking “these tiny feet have never been walked upon”. They had never touched the ground. 

When I held him for the first time I remember feeling his warm breath on my cheek. I was in awe of this tiny human breathing on his own. When hours before he was inside me. (I didn’t see him for the first few hours of his life due to me waking up from a General Anaesthetic).

When you witness your children experience something amazing for the first time it is a magical moment. Like feeling the ocean, discovering their shadow or trying ice cream. 

That precise moment in time can never, ever be recreated. Once it has happened it is gone forever and all you are left with is the memory. 

And we should try to hold onto these memories. Write them down. Take a photograph. Tell someone. 

Childhood is so amazingly important and crucial in shaping how your little people will be in the future. Share in their wonder and awe of the world. Invite them to ask many many questions and have the patience to answer them. 

You never know… When they grow up they may remember the very first time they scored a goal in a soccer match. Were you there watching on with excitement? Or did you have something more important to do? Because I can tell you that your child will definitely remember if you weren’t there…

These moments of firsts are a joy to behold and we should feel privelleged to be a part of them.