Hello 1am

Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


June 2017

Life as a child with ADHD. (From a parent’s perspective)

Please don't get frustrated with me. I didn't mean to lose my socks again.  Please don't get angry with me. I know I push your buttons and push the boundaries but I never want to push you away.  Please don't... Continue Reading →

Bad back

So this is the face of an unattractive sleep deprived mother of four with a very dodgy back. I've had a flare up since #squirt was in hospital. Possibly a combination of sitting in crappy hospital chairs holding bubs, plus... Continue Reading →


First moments. Something that can never ever be redone. Replaced. Recreated. What a strange thought?  When my first Bub was born I distinctly remember looking at his soft little feet and thinking "these tiny feet have never been walked upon".... Continue Reading →

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