Friend. What does this term mean to you? I’m watching the series ’13 Reasons Why’ and the idea of friendship is really put to the rest. 

What is a friend? What makes a friend? How does a friendship work? 

Is it a mutual understanding of trust and love? Is it a convenient partnership because of circumstance? Is it one person needing something from one person and the other is able to give it? 

Once I started thinking about it I saw how damn complex friendships can be!

Take. Give. Share. Use. Laugh. 

I had a phone call from a friend yesterday. She had met up with some friends she hadn’t seen for many years. Back then they used to be great friends. 

But now something was amiss. Those close bonds seemed to have faded. The friendship isn’t what it once was. 

I’m finding that these things happen. People change. People grow. Life can change people and that’s ok. 

It can be upsetting to let go of some relationships. That person was once such a massive part of your life. You may have shared a part of yourself you never shared with anyone. 

But time inevitably marches on. Learning and growing is essential to your personal development. 

Some friendships happened for a reason. That person was in your life to teach you something. Or they were in your life for you to help them. Take, give, learn. 

Other friendships are life long. I’ve seen it in friendships my mum has from high school. And I often think to myself how lucky they are. How lucky to have people in your life who have known you since before you were an adult and have weathered all of life’s shitty moments. And they’re still there. 

I really hope to have friendships like that. I know I’ve had friends who have come and gone. I used to try to make it work but it was futile. And I’ve learned that it’s ok. 

I’ve now got new friendships which are amazing and still have childhood friends who are beautiful. And many others in between. 

I feel gratitude for these friendships. It’s comforting to know I’ve got people around me who love and care and can see past my faults. 

And I don’t need to waste energy on those people who don’t care. Or who are very quick to judge. Cut them loose I say!!!
I tried to find a photo of myself and a friend to add to this story. And I had to flick through so many photos to find one. 

This got me thinking. Either I don’t take enough photos of things beside my kids or that I don’t spend enough time with friends. 

Shout out to members of my tribe. When the boys are not sick you’ll be seeing a lot of me and loads of photos will be taken!!!