This thought happened two days ago but I’m only getting around to writing about it now. I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly had time to wipe my own arse. (Too busy swiping everyone else’s!)

So I was walking up to school drop and I realised I’d spent the entire day rushing. 

It began with rushing to get the boys up, dressed, fed, bags packed, lunches made, while getting Mr 4yo ready for swimming lessons and keeping baby distracted from the fact he was tired and needed to go to bed but he had to wait until we got back from swimming. 

Then it was rushing to load the car, drop the two big boys at school and make it to swimming actually before the class started. (Unsuccessful). 

Then home after swimming to put baby to bed. Then it was getting dinner cooked before said baby woke along with feeding Mr 4yo and playing with him. Next thing was rushing to plant my new plants in before the rain soaked us. 

Then rushing to bathe the two little ones before school pick up as they were both dirtier than the dirt in the garden. 

School pick up was a rush to walk everyone home before the storm came. The skies were bulging grey. 

There was a lull in that weird time between 4 and 5pm where I could chat with the boys about their day. This was quite nice!

Then time to feed them, take Mr 6yo to soccer training, straight to the Chiro then home to feed Mr 6yo a second dinner, showers for us both and collapse into bed. 

I had a moment during the day of imagining a time where there was no time frames. We eat when hungry. Sleep when tired. Play when bored. 
Nothing was rushed. No baby sleep times to contend with. Nothing locked into certain and definite time frames. No stress. 
Tropical deserted island anyone??