I wonder how often creative people have moments where they feel like they could burst with the need to create. 

I’m having a moment where there are so many words inside all battling to escape. But there are so many they’re blocking the escape hatch. I know there will be a time (when I have time) when the stars will align and I will sit down and write and write and write. 

It is quite a frustrating feeling. Like my heart is pushing to the surface but can’t be released. 

Similar to the photo with the sun trying to break through the clouds. I’m a bit of a sun worshipper and I know one day I’ll shine through as well. 

This time in my life is all about the children. They are so dependent and this season of my life is to care for their needs. 

I sometimes fantasise for the day when I can stay up all night and let those thoughts become a story. A story which will hopefully sit on my shelf in the form of a bound book. 

A talented Parisian photographer (who is dating my brother!) wrote a post today about gratitude. 

So today I will be grateful for the opportunity to raise my boys. Grateful to be blessed with my family. Grateful for the ability to write. 

And stay in the moment. One day I will sit down at my writing table, look out the window onto a beautiful garden and pour my heart out.

But right now, it’s time to get these boys ready for the day. Off to school to learn. Off to swimming lessons to learn. Off to soccer training to learn. And a spot of gardening in between.