Some of the best advice I’ve been given so far in my parenting journey is “you’re not the only one”. 

It can be tough sometimes being a mum. We can be isolated either by distance or language or time of day. 1am can be a super lonely time. 

But you’re not the only one awake then. 

You’re not the only one trying to get a baby to sleep. You’re not the only one struggling with feeding. 

You’re not the only one cleaning  up someone else’s vomit. You’re not the only one who hasn’t showered  today because that task seems insurmountable. 

You’re not the only one whose children don’t listen. You’re not the first person to ever have a toddler and a newborn. You’re not the only one balancing the school run with baby sleep times.

And you’re certainly not the first mother to think she’s not doing it right. 

What you are doing has been done by so many before you. And you can tackle it and you can overcome it. You can achieve it. 

Seeing or realising you’re not the only one can bring you back to the surface and out of your dark little world. Others are doing exactly what you’re doing. 

You will have days where you think you’re failing. You will have days where you’re so tired you can barely function, let alone care for another human. 

You will have days where the housework piles up and the dishes pile up. And that’s ok. You’re not the only one. 

Reach out. Make a phone call. Send a text message. Go for a walk. 

Sharing your thoughts, fears, nightmares can make them seem less. Less scary, less of a problem. 

I did it today. And it worked. Find your tribe and use them. That’s what they’re there for! To make us know that we aren’t alone in the whole motherhood muddle. 

You aren’t the only one going through this season of life. Find others doing the same and build your little village.