How lucky am I? I’ve been blessed with the ability to conceive a child, carry it to term and birth it safely. 

And not just once. Or twice. Or three times. But four times. My body has created life four whole times. 

All of my babies are boys. Amazing, cute, cheeky, intelligent, squishy, messy boys. 

Four boys. Who would’ve thought?? 

Looking toward my immediate future I see mess and lots of it. Mess including toys, clothes, balls, dirt, sand, snot, glue, glitter and Lego. Oh the Lego…..

I see food. Mountains of it. We will have to invest in a deep freezer so I’m not at the shops every day for bread and meat and everything else. Oh, and perhaps a new house with a large kitchen to store it all!

I see so many adventures I’m excited!! Bush walks, ocean trips, treasure hunts. 

And laughter. Everyday I hope. How else will we get through the chaos that is four boys?! 

When I try to peek into the (not too) distant future, that is when I feel blessed. And proud. And extremely lucky. 

I’ve had people say to me “Four boys?! You must have your hands full!”, and “Four boys? I’ll bet you’re dreading the food bill” and I’ve also had “Four boys? You poor thing.”

That last comment really upset me. Why would someone say that? What is wrong with having four boys? 

Actually it’s quite the opposite. Four of the same. Yet all so very different. Perfectly right. 

I am blessed that I will have four super hunky blokes who call me “Mum”. I will have four men who will hopefully treat me like the queen I am!! 

I am proud that these four boys will grow into men who will be proud of themselves, respect other humans and be the best of mates. 

I look at my three brothers and the mateship they have and I’m so happy for my boys. If we raise them right they already have three friends for life. 
I don’t know many other people who have four of a kind. I feel very special. Being a boy mum is an amazing feeling. 

They look at me with such transparent love and respect. Tonight I love them so much I want to cry. (Yes, earlier in the day they were pissing me off so much I wanted to cry!!) 

Seriously though, to all those boy mums out there, I get it. We can exchange a simple glance, even between total strangers and we know that being a boy mum means so much more than soccer games and water guns. 

Life is the opposite of calm and clean. And I honestly couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Mess, hugs, chaos and a whole lotta love.