I am currently sitting on a lounge. Reading a book. Looking out the window at trees blowing in the breeze. At 10:35am on a Wednesday. 
No one is asking what they can eat. No one is crying because Peppa pig isn’t on the tv. No one is yelling from the toilet for their bum to be wiped. No one is fighting with anyone else. 

I don’t need to vacuum the floors. I don’t need to put washing on. I don’t need to make school lunches, or cook dinner, or change a poopy nappy. 
It’s just darling hubby and myself. In a cosy house on the NSW south coast. Gerringong. Look it up. It’s a beautiful little seaside town. 

The weather is a little nippy, so under a blanket I go, with a cuppa, a good book and the obligatory chocolate. 

My dear friend Cherry wrote these amazing (and overly generous!) words to me last night:

“If anyone deserves a romantic kid free holiday it is you. You are a goddamn saint in earth. Raising 4 kids must be hectic but not only are you keeping them safe happy and loved but you are shaping beautiful souls and growing beautiful hearts.”

After I blushed and tried to accept this incredible compliment, I stepped to the side of my life and peeked in through the window. I imagined someone else doing what I do and it’s a lot. 

So I’m writing this piece to try to squash the guilt at being away from our little men and enjoy the silence. And the quality time with my man. 

One day the boys will no longer need us on such an intense level and we will be left with eachother again. We don’t want to put everything into the children and then end up being strangers at the end. 

Time away together is extremely important as a couple and also for ourselves. Mentally, emotionally, physically. 

Reconnect to eachother. Remember who I am aside from Muuuuuuuuum!! Allow my brain to focus on one thing at a time instead of nine. 

It’s just started raining and I couldn’t care less. I don’t need to bring four loads of washing in from the line. I don’t need to scrape my brain for ideas on how to entertain four boys inside all day. 

I’m grateful we were able to have the time to get away. Recharge and celebrate our 17 years together.