Today I learned a lesson. 

I’d just picked up my three year old from preschool. On the way home we had dropped flowers and chocolate to a friend who is ill and picked something up from someone’s house. 

My mind is jam packed with all the things I need to make sure happen over the next few days. Including school photos, meetings, work, soccer training and a big weekend ahead. 
My mind was racing so I had tuned out to my son in the back of the car. He tends to have verbal diarrhoea and was chatting away. 

When I started to listen to him, I realised I almost missed a very important conversation moment. 

He said “a child at preschool was putting sand in my shoes and I didn’t know the words to tell him to stop.”

He sounded quite serious and worried about this. Our happy-go-lucky little boy was inadvertently asking me for help. 

I’m very glad I tuned in as I was able to teach him that he can tell the child to stop because he doesn’t like it. 

Or alternatively, if he doesn’t know the words, he can go to the teachers and ask for help. 

After this little interaction, I naturally felt guilty for not listening to my child. I felt guilty for being too busy. I felt guilty for being too tired to listen properly. 

But I reiterated to myself that I’m not perfect. Not by a long shot. And that’s ok. 

I’m human. I’m a very busy mother of four young boys. I’m a good person.  And I learn from my mistakes. So I will now listen when he speaks and not tune his voice out. 
Poor kid. Who knows what else I’ve missed?!!