The other night I lay in bed thinking as I was drifting off to sleep. I was thinking back to my childhood to a time when I felt safe in my bedroom, all tucked in. No pressures, no responsibilities.  
It was a time when I felt secure and free and my mind then wandered along to the thought of knowing I could never go back to those times.
It was a very strange feeling. One of those moments when you realise time marches on whether you like it or not. 
Children grow up. Adults grow and change. Situations aren’t ever the same for long. Friendships blossom or dwindle or die. 
Nothing stays the same. 
You were once five years old and you thought a real lollipop tree would grow if you planted a lollipop stick. 
You were once eight years old and your parents were superheroes and the future was so irresistibly exciting.
You were once twelve years old and you started to see life beyond childhood. 
You were once eighteen years old and life became serious. You felt the responsibility of the family as your own. University. Job. 
Time passes whether your eyes are open or shut. 
Open your eyes. See your life. Participate in your life. Don’t just live through it. 
Experience happiness every day. And to those of you who are parents, allow your children that feeling of safety. That feeling of security. That feeling of boundless positivity, endless possibilities and infinite love. 
But try to remember that child within. Keep her safe and secure. Don’t forget about her. And let her free sometimes.