Today it was our second born son’s sixth birthday party. We aren’t the type to hire an entertainer. Money we don’t need to spend. 
The party went for two hours. We had it in a hall adjacent to a park. While we waited for everyone to arrive the kids played in the park. We then went to the hall to play some games. Pass the parcel. Two rounds of musical statues. 

They filled their little bellies with party pies, fruit and frankfurts. We sang happy birthday to the birthday boy and everyone enjoyed the rainbow unicorn cake! 

Then they all sat around to watch our boy open his gifts. This way he can thank the guest at the time and the children love watching their special gift be opened. 

Back to the park to play until home time. The children were so lovely and well behaved. 

Basic. Old school. On a budget. And the kids had a blast. Being together and having fun is what it’s all about for me. 

I like to celebrate each birthday every year. It’s that one day of the year that’s just about you. It’s a milestone. It’s a very special day. 

This time six years ago, on the third of March, we were getting ready to enjoy our wedding anniversary dinner (Chinese takeaway!). 

But baby boy number two had other plans. I went into labour at 6pm. Six hours, a few epidurals and a vacuum extraction later he was born. 11:54pm. 

He just wanted the cool birth date of the third of the third!

He is now fast asleep, exhausted from his very special party. I hope my kids look back on their childhood with happy memories. 

My mum would always throw me a birthday party, even though there were four kids, two dogs, a cat  and about 17 horses at one point to look after. 

Now that we have four young men I want them to know they’re all very special to us and deserve at least one day a year where it’s all about them!!