A friend recently asked me what I knew about the risks of a VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarian). She was teetering on the edge of her second birth and is hoping for a vbac. 

My first birth was an emergency Caesarian under a general anaesthetic. Long story short the baby got stuck in the birth canal and I could feel the operation starting. 

My subsequent three births were vaginal. And I feel very lucky I was able to experience that. 

Instead of telling her what I had been told regarding the risks, I told her this instead:

They wouldn’t let you attempt at VBAC if it was too risky. Just think of it like a normal birth.

 Dr Google can tell you the negatives. 

I’ll tell you the positives. My positives. My experience. 

Your body knows what to do. This labour and birth is in no way related to your first. It’s a whole new thing with a whole new baby. 

If you’re successful you’ll get to participate in the awesome experience of a human being coming out your vagina. And the very weird feeling of your tummy emptying as the baby slips out. 

And then holding a warm, wet, slimy person who you grew for the past nine months. 

You’ll be amazed at being able to shower two hours later. And you’ll then wonder why some women are ‘too posh to push’. The recovery from a vaginal birth shits over a Caesar. Well it did for me anyway… 

Each birth is so different. For me, it was always like the first time as each labour and birth wasn’t like the one before. 

If a VBAC is an option, I would grab at it with both hands. 

(Pic is after my second VBAC. Up and about so soon after birth!)