Does it matter?
One of the biggest things I hope to teach my boys is not to worry about what others think. You can’t change someone’s opinion, you can’t change people. You can’t please everyone. They are going to think what they want. 
What you can do is do what makes YOU happy. If you start doing what makes others happy, then you become a mere shell of the person you really are. 
One of my boys loves dressing up. Makeup, jewellery, dresses. The whole shebang. He loves it. And doesn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable for enjoying it. 
He is exploring, experimenting, dramatising, modelling what he sees in his world. 
We don’t say “You can’t do that. Dresses are for girls. You can’t wear makeup. That’s for girls.” We feel that would completely crush his creativity and his spirit. And start him thinking and worrying about what others may think. 
Yesterday morning he was in a dress, lippie on, one of my dress rings on- he and his brother were in a wedding. Delightful!
And who cares?? Boys can marry boys! (Except if they share the same genetic material…) My brother is gay, so my kids understand and fully accept that he will marry a man (hurry up bro, my kids need cousins on my side!!). And my other two brothers will marry women (again, hurry up dudes. Nieces and nephews please!). 
We are teaching our children that there is far more to life on this planet than what our little society dictates. 
I hope they grow up questioning stereotypes and are comfortable enough within their own skin to wear what they want (I mean really, it’s just fabric covering their body…), do whatever sport they like and to say “I don’t care” when someone voices their opinion which may differ from their own. 
Does it really matter:
If a boy loves a boy

If a girl plays with trucks

If a boy wears a dress

If a girl marries a girl

If a boy does ballet

If a girl plays football 

If a boy wears make up

If a girl wears boy clothes
Who cares? Does it affect you? Is it your problem? Or does it make you uncomfortable? Does it make you question yourself? Stereotypes need to be bent and broken. 
I love that my boy is happy to explore dress ups. And engage in dramatic play, which is a child’s way of understanding their world around them.