You’re tired. Very tired. The baby is crying, dog won’t stop barking, no one wants the dinner you’ve cooked but they’re all “starving”. You give in and make a milo for one child, which is then spilled all over the floor. 

You can imagine the reaction… Screaming crazy person who had lost control. 
I know I am guilty of doing this many a time. In the heat of the moment my irritation levels are at an all time high because of the reasons I listed above. And when someone spills milk, I have literally cried. 

But then it all dies down and guilt replaces the irritation. They are children. Helpless, innocent children. And I screamed at them like a possessed banshee. 

What example did I just set? What lesson did they learn? 

I do believe that children need to see us sometimes lose the plot so they know how far they can push us and to learn that people have a vast array of emotions. 

However being a mum is a constant lesson in patience. Step away from the volatile situation, take some deep breaths and go back into the fray in control. 

You are the adult. Screaming and yelling gets us nowhere. Often a low, calm, in control voice works much better than shouting. 

But when we are sleep deprived and had a crap day, someone emptying an entire box of tissues across the expanse of the backyard is enough to cause heads to roll!!!