This is how car accidents can happen….

From the beach to home, about a 45 minute drive, imagine this:

Mr 5’s ADHD meds have worn off. I decided to let him sit next to Mr 3 and not his usual spot in the third row. Rookie error. 

Hat whipping in the face, both Mr 5 and Mr 3 to eachother.  Party whistle blowing, thanks to the bastard who put that in a party bag. 
Screaming from Mr 5 for no reason other than to hear the sound (over and over and over and over). 

Hysterical laughing by Mr 3 from something Mr 5 was doing until he’s decided he doesn’t like it anymore. Cue immediate hysterical crying.

Temporary pit stop to get out, grab the party whistle and throw it far away from mini human hands. 

A brief lull in the ear shattering noises coming from the back seat whereby Mr 5 asks a question about something so completely random I don’t even remember what it was. 

Straight back to screaming, laughing, screaming, whingeing, screaming and crying. 

For the most part I pretended none of it was happening and tuned it all out. Mr 5 couldn’t help most of his behaviour. 

I actually listened to it I would have become so enraged I would have driven straight into the oncoming traffic with a face akin to the Joker from Batman. 

Meanwhile, the baby thought the whole thing was hilarious and giggled the whole way home!