Recently I have been watching a show about a transgender child. She was born a male however always referred to herself as female. 

Luckily she has parents who allowed her to be who she really felt on the inside. They are slowly helping her be who she is on the outside as well. 

Mr 8 started watching the show with me. He was interested and began asking questions, so I explained it to him. 

I said she was born a boy but on the inside she feels like she’s a girl. So she wears girl clothes, grows her hair long  and is taking medicine to grow boobs. 

He said “Ok. Cool. What’s for breakfast?” A complete non-event. 

There was a section  in the show where she was having a live interview and taking questions. There were some very ignorant and small minded people in the audience who just could not understand the whole concept. And were being extremely rude toward her. One person actually called her a freak. 

She is only 15 years old. 

Why can’t people just accept that everyone is different and carry on with their own lives? How does it affect them? Is it because of how they will be seen by others if they accept people who are different? Is it because they feel uncomfortable themselves? It baffles me. 

I believe acceptance is taught during childhood. Tolerance is taught during childhood. Children are not born despising someone because of their religion. Or their skin colour. Or because they love someone of the same sex. This is taught to them from others. 

It is up to us as parents to teach these qualities to our children. To teach them to look for kindness, compassion and good in others. Not judge them for the clothes they are wearing. Or the music they listen to. Or any other pointless things. 

Yes, as they grow older there are many other influences that mould the minds of our children. Such as other family members, school teachers, social media etc. However, it all begins at home. 

It can be quite hard sometimes are there are obstacles along the path. But we have to continually teach our kids to accept people. All people. Regardless of how they look (skin colour, disability, clothing), which god they believe in or whether they are LGBQT. 

Children are not born with prejudice. It’s a learned thing……