In many ways I am blessed. Am not an only child. I have three younger brothers and many cousins around the same age as me. 
However I do not have a sister. And sometimes I feel that emptiness quite deeply. 

I used to dream of having that sisterly bond growing up, having another female in the house who understood me. Someone who wanted to do the things I did. 

I did have a beautiful bestie and we had many a tea party, sleep over and watched Anne of Green Gables countless times. 

However, now that I’m an adult I often imagine what my sister would have been like. I imagine she would be someone who knows what I’m thinking without having to speak. Someone who loves my kids like they’re hers. Someone who I can have deep, long conversations with. Someone who is on my wavelength. 

I guess that now I have all boys the fact that I don’t have a direct female sibling or child is more highlighted. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me. But there are moments where it does. 

When I look around at others who enjoy mummy/daughter outings, or quiet time hanging out with sisters, that emptiness in my heart flares up. 

But then I look at what I have and I feel thankful. I was able to bear four sons who are pretty awesome. Sometimes they actually ask to have their nails painted, or to put makeup on. One of my boys actually asked for a dress and sparkly shoes for Christmas! (He loves dressing up and being like mummy, so I let it ride. Who am I to judge a five year old’s wardrobe?!! That’s not how I roll).

So this leads me to friends. Friends are the family you choose right??

 Being able to find a girl friend  who you can be 100% yourself with and who understands you is a precious thing. I am very lucky to have a handful of these ladies and I feel very blessed to have them. 

Having that female bond is very important to me. I do not take it lightly. I need my women in my life who love me, inspire me, challenge me and let me be me.

I am someone who needs that girly go-to person. A best friend. A kindred spirit. A sister from another mother! And I’m finding the older I get, the harder it is to find these people. 

Perhaps because we are so busy at this stage of life. I feel like I hardly come up for air some days.

Perhaps it’s because I’m more in tune with myself and the people I want/need to be around. Slowly selecting the kind, good people.  

Blokes are awesome but it’s a different type of relationship than a female one. Often much less stressful and more laid back!

I know there are many sisters who don’t get along. But this is my fantasy land and in such a place my imaginary sister and I are the best of friends!!