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Let's face it. No mum really knows what she's doing.


January 2017

Let’s go driving…

This is how car accidents can happen.... From the beach to home, about a 45 minute drive, imagine this: Mr 5's ADHD meds have worn off. I decided to let him sit next to Mr 3 and not his usual... Continue Reading →

Children aren’t born with prejudice 

Recently I have been watching a show about a transgender child. She was born a male however always referred to herself as female.  Luckily she has parents who allowed her to be who she really felt on the inside. They... Continue Reading →

A bit of an explanation…

I was thinking just now that my blog posts often don't follow any main thread. As in they're not all about parenting, or all about ADHD, or all about one main topic altogether.  But that's ok. My life isn't just... Continue Reading →

Girl power

In many ways I am blessed. Am not an only child. I have three younger brothers and many cousins around the same age as me.  However I do not have a sister. And sometimes I feel that emptiness quite deeply. ... Continue Reading →

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