The other night I only had two children. ‘Only’ she says! 
The two big boys went to see the monster trucks and I was home alone with Mr 3  and baby. 

Back when I only had two children I felt frazzled and sometimes a bit out of control. I would look at people with only one child and think “you’ve got it so easy”. 

This time it was so peaceful! Only two, what bliss!! How easy! Baby is such a good, super happy baby now (but earlier…..) and Mr 3 loves to have a chat. So we made pizzas together, talking about important things (such as how good pineapple is), while Bubba gurgled happily from the bouncer. 

When Baby began to grizzle I gave him some dinner, gave him a bath (he absolutely loves it), bottle and bed. No fuss. No crying. 

Mr 3 and I watched The Little Mermaid while we ate our pizza. Then he went off to bed too. And only came out once…

To some people, having a three year old and a baby sounds crazy busy. For me, it’s only half of what I’m now used to. But to someone who has six or seven kids, ‘only’ having four would sound like a piece of cake! 

Perspective is always different from where you’re standing. And we are all standing somewhere different. So how can we judge others? How can we think our way is the only way? Or the right way?
Sometimes it can be hard to stand back and say nothing, or not cast judgement in relation to many things, not just parenting stuff. Unless you know where that person has come from, what they’ve been through in their life, what they’re going through currently, then bite your tongue. 

We often don’t know why people make the decisions they do, and most of the time (if it doesn’t affect us), it’s none of our business.