We are on holidays and I’m patting our three year old son to sleep. He’s at such a great age. Toilet trained, eats most everything, doesn’t need a day sleep and can talk. 

Boy can he talk. He says the funniest things. 

While I’m in the dark room helping him drift off to sleep I realised that time is always moving on. Change is always happening. Nothing stays the same. 

Today we visited the place where I spent many, many summer holidays with my family. We were fortunate to be in the position to have a boat big enough for my family of six to live on for the whole of the summer holidays. 

We stayed at the marina of a resort called The Anchorage at Port Stephens. We made some life long friends, enjoyed all the resort had to offer, spent many hours frolicking on, in and around the waters of Port Stephens. 

We spent days out at Broughton Island. We saw countless dolphins, penguins, hammerhead sharks, even a sunfish!

It was truly idyllic. And I found myself, today, feeling such a home-like bond to this place. I felt so calm and happy, and I want to recreate this for my own family.  

However I digress. While patting Mr 3 I tried my hardest to hold onto this memory as in no time he will grow some more and no longer be my sweet, squishy little boy. 

It felt like yesterday that I was holidaying at the Anchorage. I momentarily wanted to grab onto those memories and make them real. 

But time keeps on ticking. Those memories, all memories, are always behind us, gradually getting further and further away. 

We need to accept that the moment we are in is fleeting. Nothing ever stays the same. We need to enjoy and make the most of this moment we find ourselves in. Because tomorrow it will be a memory. And it’s much better to look back on memories with fondness and warmth, rather than sadness and regret.