When our first son was eleven days old we went to a wedding. It was the wedding of two very good friends and  hubby was in the bridal party.  

Now I was still recovering from an emergency Caesarian, traumatic birth and learning to be a mother for the first time. 

The baby was bottle fed and we were still learning how to do this too. Complete rookies. 

The service was at Mona Vale and the minister was the same guy who married us, so that was nice!

I remember sitting in the car outside the church trying to wrangle an already made-up bottle of formula and a thermos of boiling water in an attempt to warm up the feed. All the while the baby was screaming the place down with starvation!

A friend of a friend later told me it was easier to take the water in the bottle and mix the formula into it as needed. And to preheat the water so it will cool down to the right temp by the time you need it. 

It’s amazing how lack of experience and sleep deprivation can warp your common sense!

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was at Whale Beach. Stunning location!

Except that I was so frazzled and stressed and exhausted I couldn’t enjoy it properly. 

I made it to nine o’clock before I hastily said to my pal (who was driving Bub  and I) it was time to go. 

I made it out the door before I burst into tears. It was such an overwhelming day. 

With hindsight it was crazy to think I could attend a full day of wedding festivities without having a meltdown. 

But I didn’t want to miss out on the nuptials of our beautiful friends. I’m glad we saw them get married and it will certainly be one wedding I’ll never forget….